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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  September 28, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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i get it. you haven't shaved. i get it. you haven't shaved. a lively debate tonight between whiteman and brown. good evening. >> the who showcased their very different approaches. randy shandobil is live from the debate site. >> reporter: the clash of
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opposites here in davis tonight, former governor jerry brown 72, can he prove he's just another career politician. meg whitman, can she show voters she really cares and has the best solutions for a state with serious problems. >> i am nod not proud of my voting record. it was not the right thing to
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do and no one is more embarrassed about it than me. >> what assurances can you offer voters that this time around you the offer? >> teach. you know if i was younger i'd be running again. another thing, i didn't have a wife. i don't tree to close the bars of sacramento like i used to do when i was governor of california. >> reporter: brown frequently strayed off message. whitman stayed on message, often reciting lines. >> i want to use technology to do more with less. >> reporter: justtying her $100 million investment in her own campaign, sháe won't be hold
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into special interest she say, brown will. >> i mean my view is putting jerry brown in charge of negotiating with unions. it's like putting count dracula in charge of the blood bank. >> i did it once, i did it twice. >> really the only new debate topic tonight, an argument over the death penalty. meg whitman favors the death penalty. jerry brown has long been opposed to the plan. both candidates declared victory but is there a clear winner? that depends on who you ask. oakland police say they
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have a suspect in custody and are searching for another. the shooting happened around 5:15 this evening. officers say the victim is a 22- year-old man who suffered critical wounds. the search for a second gunman is still under way at this hour. a source told ktvu news the vie violence started earlier this afternoon. and systems from that shooting had followed a neighbor from highland. san francisco police say this map is wanted with a heinous robbery. it happened at the potrero hill. anyone with information about his where abouts is asked to call 911. the san bruno pipeline explosion has claim another
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life, 58-year-old james franco. the attorney for franco's -- the official death toll from the pipeline explosion now stands at eight. federal investigators say one mayor problem was that the flow of gas wasn't turned off for an hour and a half after the blast. pg & e has acknowledged there would have been less damage if it were turned off faster. >> these are ticking time bombs that are under ground.
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out of sight out of mind. >> there are 3,500 miles of pipelines where californians live. an attorney representing death row inmate greenwood brown expressed release. ken wayne is at the prison with our report, ken. >> reporter: the condemned inmate remains at an isolate cell in san quentin. his execute was supposed to happen here. the federal ninth circuit of appeals ordered judge fogel to take more time to consider the
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state's new legal appeal. adding to the confusion is the friday expiration day of the lethal drug that would be used. new drugs won't be available for several months, placing executions on hold. meantime brown has been getting visits from friends, neighbors and friend. >> heath been gathering his thoughts and preparing himself for whatever is going to take place over the course of the next couple of days. >> reporter: about two hours before the judge's ruling,
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about half a dozen protesters demanded an end. >> they had plenty of time to have their voices heard out here. >> reporter: three refused to leave and were arrested. they were taken in a sheriff's van. >> it's what's coming from our hearts. it's not so much the effectiveness. the effectiveness is important but it's what you truly believe in. i think you can believe in being arrested or not being arrested. >> unless the court overruled general fogel, protesters will be in place. and a slide show of imagines
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from san quentin is on our website the 85-year-old former president plans to resume his book tour tomorrow promoating his latest title. white house diary. >> the bay area endured another sweltering temperature. 105 in livermore. 100 at the oakland airport. 99 in san jose and 95 at sfo. all of the hot weather has bay area firefighters on high alert. maureen naylor is live with a live report. >> we're at san jose fire station 17 one of two stations that brought in extra
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firefighters because of the heat rate. calfire planned to reduce it's staffing as of yesterday, but the recent weather changed that staff. >> reporter: in morgan hill tonight calfire crews waited until the sun went down to clean the engine. two extra trucks are being staffed until cooler nights return. the tail end of a heat wave can be the time of most concern. >> when it gets really hot, people go inside. we tend to see less starts of fire. >> reporter: a similar transition from a heat wave when the lick fire broke out three years ago. in san jose, cars and bicycles returned to alan problem park which was closed because of an
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entire danger. >> i don't think they should take it. other wise it takes away from my afternoon walks. >> reporter: the concern is not only temperatures will row lower than normal. >> it's tough. especially something you think you get used to it but actually i knee that every year it's getting harder. >> reporter: scientists use this fuel stick. grasses are very dry notes the fuel moisture is about 10% this year and it's been as long as 72% haás year. l a st year. and relief is on the way. right now i'm tracking fog just offshore. i'll let you know which cities will cool down the most
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tomorrow. the ongoing budget steal mate .
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uc berkeley announced today
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that it is cutting several athletic sports. cal baseball, men's and women's gymnastics and women's lacrosse are all out. men's rugby is being divert. >> deciding which programs was the most dill part of the plan. the cal bears football team is not affected. cal has dealt with financial realities in other areas by increasing tuition. furloughing employees and reducing student employment. high level talks hit an impasse. this is day 90 of the budget debay. the talks are still going on, but at the staff level.
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governor arnold schwarzenegger office is blaming union office for blocking reform that the government say -- groups that work with sexual assault victims says supplies of rape kits have been running dangerously low. >> reporter: i'll take to those rape kits in just a moment. but we have learned tonight that etch at the everyone at the rape crisis center here may lose their jobs. that means that they will provide a 24 hour crisis hot
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line and nothing else. from fewer services, for sexual assault victim. >> we have to get some more kits. >> reporter: to a dwindling supplies of material. >> they called it they had less than a handful of kits available. >> reporter: when it heard the supply of rape kits was dangerly low. >> we have the different swabs that frantic nurses would take. >> reporter: because of the budget stalemate it can't buy large supplies of one. instead they are filling the supplies by the month. it hand delivered eight of the
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kits last night. >> we had a weekend recently that we had four rapes in one weekend. so it's a very small supply. >> with budget talks cancelled today and the stalemate cometting for a record 90 days concern is growing for the victims of sexual assault and assuming. >> reporter: along with those kits that were dropped off at safe quest. more were delivered to solano county. supplies are up for now. heather holmes. sheriff investigators discovered a man's body today in the town of so cal. the sheriff's department says
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the circumstances surrounding the death. firefighters in san francisco today tripled the reward to help solve a homicide. members of the firefighters union collected $10,000 to add to a $5,000 reward that the stan jose school district is offering. today fire officials presented a check. the fire in july caused millions of the dollars in damage. investigators say it was deliberately set. the school has reopened but the rebuilding is expected to take two years. a 6-year-old girl from oakland is hospitalized tonight recovering from surgery from a gunshot wound. the girl was asleep in her family's home on cemetery avenue when dozens of bullets riddled the house. police say finding the gunman is a tough priority. >> reporter: the evidence
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marked with hundreds of shots, the time e was 2:15 a.m. >> it is very alarming considering that this family is just inside asleep. >> reporter: 15 after her father or mother lay members were sleeping. >> i was sleeping then i just heard a lot of gun shooting. the áf the áf i heard my mom screaming then i went to her room and i seen my little sister. >> reporter: leslie ramirez was shot. police say the bullet entered her arm, traveled into her chest missing every single organ. >> painful, sad. >> reporter: police say the 1600 block of seminary is a known gang area. she hopes the shooting of his little sister opens his eyes. >> he needs to think about not just him but people that live around him.
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>> reporter: this afternoon, chief anthony bats stopped by to drop off a teddy bear. >> kids should be able to grow -p this up in their community without being afraid that they're going to be shot in their community. >> reporter: at this point in the investigation there has been no description that's been released of the gunman. reporting here in east oakland, mike mibach. palo alto police said today there have been four incidents of indecent exposure in the last few days. police arrested galindo after a complaint. but police say it's likely another man is responsible for the three other epbs dents. police released two sketches today they say resemble the man. they are described as latino
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and weighing about 180 to 200 pounds. here's saopl of the temperatures from today -- here's some of the temperatures from today. we showed you the records earlier, here are more of the city. high temperatures tomorrow are coming down. i have got fog right now off of point ray. the winds will kick up. patchy coastal fog tomorrow, it's still going to be inland. overnight lows, it's still going to be warm in san jose when you wake up. livermore near 65 degrees, and 62 in the antioch. forecast highs tomorrow, look for the 40s. they are 100s. the cool air coming gone, records should be dealt with. when i come back in the five day forecast i'll show you which days will be the coolest and what your weekend will be like. san francisco supervisors
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heard details of the former proposal to hold the cup. under it's terms, larry ellison would pay $150,000. that con facts with bids from two low kaeugs in europe which are offering tennings of millions of the dollars too host the cup competition. the supervisors are expected to vote on the proposal next month. the woman who targets luxury cars and what she's accuse of doing.
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residents of alameda neighborhood are returning tonight near bay farm elementary school. residents received automated calls asking them to shelter in place. no one was injured. a judge granted the city a preliminary injunction to keep club suede shuttered. san francisco city attorney is suing to make the closure permanent. police arrested nancy chi ni on saturday in a parking lot of valley fair mall.
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it's her seventh arrest since june and sheriff's record shows she is being held in lieu of $200 million bail. authorities say she has vandalized more than 30 vehicles. motorcycle ridings governor arnold schwarzenegger signed a bill today to quiet very loud motorcycles. the bill targets motorcycle owners who remove factually installed emission and replaces them with parts. the law makes it a crime to operate a bike with emotion control standards. the medal of valor was given to 20 officers today. >> i'm a movie action hero but you are the true action heros,
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thank you very much. >> reporter: among the ten officers honored were four members of the t police department there has there's . there's word tonight that a judge has ruled that yushock is mentally scene to undergo trial. i thought where in the holy toledo did this come from? >> the one clue officers hope will help solve the mystery. >> it was a debate ushered in by the loud crowd. who won meg whitman or jerry brown? (music playing)
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tonight's first gubernatorial debate brought crowds of demonstrators to uc davis. did either democrat jerry brown or republican meg whitman score big with voters? ken pritchett is live with the details. >> reporter: the students and debate watchers we talked to who were not overt supporters of either candidate seemed reluctant to declare a winner but they did said tonight's exchange was informative. the students supporting their candidate and protesting the other side made plenty of noise before the debate. most of them outside of uc day
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davis were brown supporters. >> it's not fair to the people. there's six qualified candidates and the city of california had the right to hear from all six qualifieded candidates. >> reporter: they touched on a variety of issues. >> i would appreciate if they came out with more detailed plans and whichever candidate comes up with the best plan will not in my own opinion, will probably get the votes of the people of california. >> reporter: both candidates declared victory tonight, that's tradition. by calling a winner is not
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easy. >> people are looking for consistency and a predictable message and solid presence. i think they might be attracted to meg. if they're looking for experience and some personality and i think he was warm tonight, some warmth, some charm, some passion then it's jerry. >> reporter: there are two -r more debates scheduled, the next one will take place in fresno, that's saturday. and we have posted extended exerts from tonight's debate on you will find the links and all the latest election news. does an endorsement for governor carry much clout. statewide voters were evenly split when asked if they'd be more inclined to support a candidate for governor who the president has endorsed.
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but divided along party line, 74% of democrats said they likely would vote with the president while just 10% of republicans said they would vote with the president. the field poll shows 53% of likely voters says the president is doing a good job. compared with 45% of all voters. still about the same number says the nation is headed in the wrong direction. santa clara county became one of two counties toáet hospitalling hospital--- counties to the hospital. the program makes immigrants afraid to report the crime. the county of arlington, virginia also voted to opt out
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of the program. it remains to be seen if i.c.e. will honor the request. there's new evidence tonight of just how far reaching the recession has been in the lives of americans. new census numbers indicate the number of people receiving food stamps is at an all time high. and perhaps because of the cost, marriages are at an all time low. now the gap between rich and poor is greater than ever. jana katsuyama has the report. >> reporter: it shows that more people are struggling just to survive. barrels of food are located at the food bank, a sign of the times. >> these are families that are working, these are families that had saved, these are familied that never imagined that they would need to call an
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organization like the foot bank. >> reporter: staff requests for food have doubled since the recession began. >> we're currently serving one in six alameda residents. >> reporter: residents like aguilar of oak lands who's had a rocky ride through the recession earning $36,000 a year. >> i don't have money to pay more mortgage. >> reporter: today new census data reveals that the we'll disparity has become greater than ever. >> the average person in the east bay basically had their meeting earnings dropped by $2,000 a year on the side of 5% drop. data shows the rich are getter richer while the middle class and poor are losing ground. >> i've gone for over five years without an increase in pay. >> i'm making five bucks less than hour than what i used to make but i'm barely making it. paycheck to paycheck. >> reporter: the number of people in poverty increased in 31 states between 2008 and
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2009. >> we haven't seen this degree of inequality in terms of the amount and percentage of income and wealth going to the very top since the late 1920s. robert rice who spoke at the commonwealth club about his book aftershock says that wealthy americans tend to save more than they spend. >> when we're having a recession, we need more people to spends not necessarily to save. and that's not possible when so much wealth is going to the top. >> reporter: low skilled risk workers between the ages of 18 and 34 add the biggest jump in poverty. jana katsuyama. walgreens sored 11%.
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the nasdaq was up nine. the dow was up 46. it was the loan hold out. the mayor airline making an about face today and adding a new fee. and tracking fog right now just off point rays, that will begin the cooling. and tough new rules for smockers in one bay area county. the new restrictions and who they're going to affect.
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more mosquitoes and a bird
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have tested positive for west nile virus. the experts said they are conducting more inspections and applying insecticides in the area. they've sprayed for mosquitoes several times this year already. a federal appeals court in washington, d.c. ruled today that government funding for embryonic stem cell issue can good forward for now. that judge ruled the research guidelines likely violate federal law. the three judge panel now reviewing the case said it would move quickly to make a final decision. news of the world tonight in mexico. landslides kept rescue teams from reaching the small community for hours. once they did arrive they learned 11 people were missing
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but there were no confirmed deaths. in afghanistan. the president made a plea. his comments came after a deputy minister and three or people were killed today. he says he has formed a peace economy to try to end the fighting with thal pan. a wildcat strike ended air travelers today at two airports. air traffic controllers walked off their job but the controllers did notify pilots. the strike was supposed to last 24 hours but by late evening was cut short. many incoming flights were rerouted to other countries in europe. continental airlines says the days of the free lunch is ending. it's joining other u.s. airlines and will start charging for meals. first and business classes will
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still get a meal. prices will range from $1.50 for potato chips and 8:50 for spanish salad with chicken. the dr. pepper bottling plant in vallejis said to close and 90 people are losing their jobs. the company says operations will be moved to other plants. company officials say the move is part of an effort to improve efficiency. alameda county sheriff's deputy say they got a call sunday night that a gunshot victim had been dumped right here in front of this san leandro meat market. and when they got here they discovered the victim was a bear. and fog is expected to trigger a cooldown in the bay area. how much of a change we'll see tomorrow and who will feel it the most.
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alameda county investigators say they have never seen anything like it. the caucus of a huge bear laying in the curb in the heart of bay area. rita williams reports on san leandro's bear mystery. >> reporter: folks who work here called 911 to report a bear. no one could believthis was the victim. a 400-pound california black bear killed by a gunshot to the shoulder. >> it was really, really just there. it was bloody and the tongue was sticking out. >> i thought, where in the holy toledo did this thing come from. you never thought you would see a bear here. >> we don't know where this
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bear was shot and what prompted the people that did it to dump it right here in san leandro. >> reporter: it's a first in these parts. fishing game officials say bears do not live in the east bay so the bear was shot elsewhere. >> we do have some information that it was a white dodge truck with some hispanic males that very quickly dumped the bear out and took off. >> reporter: investigators speculate the shooters had not realized how difficult it is to butcher a bear and left it at lee's where the butcher has been a butcher for 20 years. >> we only sell pork and beef and chicken. >> reporter: no bear? >> no bear at all. >> i feel upset to see the bear there. she almost cried. they love bears. >> reporter: it's black bear hunting season in some counties now but it's against the law to shoot a bear without a permit
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and to waste the kill. >> yeah, i used to hunt up in mendecino myself, but this is a total waste. poor animal, right. >> reporter: sheriff's deputies say they won't soon forget the victim of this crime. they're asking anyone with information to please call 510- 667-3636. in san leandro, rita williams. san francisco major gavin newsom says he plans to sign a bill extending the ban of tobacco sales to big box and grocery stores that have pharmacies. walgreens challenged the law arguing the exception for larger stores made the bill unconstitutional. many contra costa county smokers soon will not be able to lit up inside their own
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homes. county supervisors passed a tough anti smoking law that goes into effect january 1st. it applies to new multi unithouses. the smoking ban includes not only tobacco but medical marijuana as well. residents also will be prohibited from smoking on balconies, patios, decks and in carports in new and existing multi unit housing. temperatures are cooling down a bit. the fog is not there quite yet but it's making it's way into your neighborhood and the cooling will begin out in concord right now we have low 80s. san jose it's 77. out towards hayward in the upper 70s. a cool wind is coming in, you will notice it tomorrow morning. you will notice it tomorrow as well. not to say it's not going -- it'll still be hot inland tomorrow. it's just not going to be 105 like it was today. the player cooling will come right along the coast as you
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would expect. san francisco tomorrow is going to be low 70s at best, maybe upper 60less. you get the picture. that's the system i'm tracking. it'll start the cooling tomorrow but as it moves north, that's right. it moves north. most of these for the last three months have been coming from the north. this uz with a high pressure coming from the south. it breaks things up, by the weekend, upper level clouds and poor weather. temperatures if into the low 80s in the warmest inland valleys. a big change heading down the road. we're looking at temperatures tomorrow then as we go from san francisco, san jose and concord to be cooler than they were today. especially san francisco, the computer models sticks around in the upper 60s low 70s. you get the picture, instead of
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the big numbers we had today it's going to be cooler. 90 in vallejo, everybody off especially inland a good 10 degrees. 95 in livermore. 93 in pittsburgh. 77 at san leantro. better air quality. and you get up over the hill you still have the heat but that will be squelshed as we head into sunday. without the wind, everyone though we have the heat and low humidity, it's not the wind it's the low humidity. the folks have been able to get on them and put them out rapidly. there's the five day forecast, it's fall, what the heck. that was a real run of heat. we had a couple of record setting days. i'm over it. >> i think a lot of people are. >> tomorrow will be a lot
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better. >> thank you, bill. california's ban on texting while driving may not be working. the lost data institute reports the number of all crashes increased after the law took effect in january last year. crashes jumped by 12% for drivers 25 years and younger. the institute says an increase in cell phone use and young people ignoring the law may be some of the reasons behind the numbers. san francisco is ranked long the top 10 safest cities. boston was named the safest city. new york city was named number five and san francisco number seven. san francisco was singled out for one of the lowest rates of poverty among families with children. the padres and giants both in action tonight. the battle for the play offs and where the giants now stand. why san francisco annual cable car bell ringing contest didn't go quite as planned today. (music playing)
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there was something missing today at the san francisco bell ringing contest. others took part but not cable
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car operators who declined. apparently their union not too happy with the city because of cuts in the over time play. then there's the november ballot that requires that they be the second highest payers. >> a good chance for ohs for others to jump right in. the electricity is on. getting to the point where you can really feel it. the team just knows they're going to win and contributions come from everyone. two game leads now in the west with five to play. jonathan sanchez a little shaky as arizona gets up 2-0. all the way back, ticket to ride juan uribe. here's the key, the danville kid made sure two out, pinch hit single in the fifth.
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and the giants take a 3-2 lead adding to it another clutch. right up the middle off the bat of pat burrell. and then bryan wilson with the manly man save. kind of like rally fingers used to do it. five out to record for his 46th save. 4-2 the news gets even better from down in san diego. they certainly are the lovable cubbies. alfonso soriano two run shot. and the icing as soriano goes deem. 5-2 final, padres that guy is not tight but his team is looking a little tight. and here is the different making play for the a's tonight in the loss to the angels. a rookie center fielder, peter
10:57 pm
borgess taking a home run away from landon powell. beautiful catch, worth another look. former a dan harren gets the win. perfect for the 49ers. the day off to kind of get their mind off football. many of the players were in palo alto to the niners academy. sponsoring a program they are calling just keep living. an after school deal that's meant to promote activity. some niners weren't thinking about the team's offense under mike johnson. >> he's a great coach. he came in and made it a lot better this year. like we said, he is young. he's very energetic, he plays defense and gets the best out of you. >> atlanta sunday morning our
10:58 pm
time against the falcons, 49ers 0-3 was the giants have it going on here. >> it'll be nice if they can keep it going. >> beautiful stuff. >> thank you, and thank you for joining us tonight. >> good night. >> good night.
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